Mediascope Agency

by Copypants

Copypants provides a highly accurate, easy to use search and match service for your images and videos online.

We have helped over 11,000 content owners of all kinds.

Understand the true reach of your visual assets

Validate your licensing agreements

Recieve quick access to strong legal support

Understand the true reach of your visual assets

  • Highly accurate, computer vision based search technology
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Comprehensive library searches
  • Always on, continuous library monitoring

Validate your licensing agreements

  • Understand who is using your content
  • Know when and where they are using it
  • Directly invoice current clients or contact a prospect to form a new agreement

Search for images and video

Outstanding Support

Quick and friendly support available to help you make decisions and manage your content effectively!

Have options with proven templated communication

  • Request legal support
  • Send invoices for licensing fees
  • Demand takedowns
  • Receive credit

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