Case Management

Do you want to earn fees for the use of your work and recuperate lost revenues?

Case prioritization

Don’t spend hours sifting through your results to find the best ones. We rank and present the best sightings first based on our custom ranking algorithm.

Database of major websites

We have a large database of images which were used on major websites.

Alerts when new content is found

Act fast on new cases as they are discovered. Receive alerts when new content is found.

Copypants Freelancer


Quickly have your infringed work taken down with templated and auto-filled takedown notices.


Send friendly attribution requests to get the recognition you deserve.

Mediascope by Copypants

Deep Search Sites

Strengthen your cases! Use Deep Searches to find every single sighting on a specific website.

Infringing Site Monitoring (Sentinel)

Know someone who continuously steals your visual assets? Let us know, and we’ll keep a special eye on them!

Documentary Evidence Reports for Litigation

Settle more cases with automatically generated Documentary Evicence reports.