Second up for Copypants Chronicles; A new user finds a new client, and undercuts the person stealing their images.


For a long time, photography was just a hobby for me. I like to capture the little moments and overlooked details of everyday life. I really enjoy sharing what I capture online, and I’ve always watermarked my images, even when I was just doing it for fun!

Once in awhile, I find my images being shared on other websites, with the watermark intact. The images were never being used to make money in any way. Some people would add credit in the caption of the photo, but most would just post it as is, and that was fine, because I use watermarks.

I discovered Copypants through a post on Tumblr. A few accounts I follow were talking about it, and there were generally positive things being said. I saw they had a money back guarantee so I immediately registered for a Starter account in order to upload a bunch of my photos.

After using Copypants for 2 weeks I noticed a trend in my matches. The same local activity website was using a lot of my images on their website. I had successfully sent 5 or 6 Takedown notices to this publisher before I noticed there was an option to send the infringer a message through the case page. So I messaged them and asked why they had so many of my images with the watermark removed.

They responded and said they had not intended to use my images in an infringing manner, and that they had actually bought the images from a supplier who claimed they were properly licensed! I had never licensed my images before. After some discussion I made a deal with the publisher to allow them to keep using my images, but instead purchase them directly from me. I was able undercut the person “licensing” my images, and found a new client at the same time!

They have since licensed enough images to pay for my first 4 months of Copypants!


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