Welcome to Copypants, we’re glad you’ve joined us! Here are a few steps to help you get started.

1. Sync your images

The first thing to do after your account is created, is sync your images. You’ll be prompted to do this right away. We support image syncing with a variety of services. Pick one, pick the folders you want to sync (if applicable) and your images will begin syncing right away.

If your preferred service is not available, 2 things. First, let us know, and we can add it for you. Second, you can paste the URL of the page where your images are located under the Website option, and we’ll protect them that way.

Help us help you! Please try your best to avoid syncing images that are not your original creations, or remixes. This will save you time searching through matches for images you don’t care about as much.

*ProTip: Syncing your images through a Dropbox account is the easiest way to do this! 🙂

2. Verify your email

While you’re waiting for your image search to complete, we’ve sent you an account confirmation email. It’s not necessary for you to confirm your email in order to sync and search for your images, but when you want to send a notification for a match, you’ll need to have confirmed your email address. It’s super easy, just click the button we provide, and you’ll be returned to the site. Be sure to take care of that while you wait.

Contact us at support@copypants.com if the email never appears, and we’ll send you a new confirmation email.

3. Fill out your profile

The third thing you can take care of while you wait is filling out your profile. Fill out your full name, a description of yourself and your style of creation, and give yourself an avatar. You’ll know how complete your profile is indicated by the progress bar in the top left.

4. Review your matches

We’ll send you an email when your image search is complete. If any have appeared while confirming your email address or filling out your profile, feel free to review them right away.

Following the dashboard will make your review process quick and easy. Your priority matches are the ones we think you should deal with first. If you have just 5 minutes to spend on Copypants today, or this week, review these 3 matches.

Below are your top images. These are the images with the highest number of matches. This will help you understand which pieces of your work get shared the most. If you see a trend amongst these images, it may indicate that a specific type of content or style of yours is very sought after.

Continuing on to Top Sites. These are the sites where your work is shared the most. Finally, you’ll see which social sites your work is most popular on.

Alternatively you may review your matches by individual site or image. Viewing by site will list all of your images that appear on that particular site, and viewing them by image will list all the matches for that particular image.


You’re now ready to take action. See our blog post about Taking Action to help you decide what to do next!