We’ve partnered with Higbee & Associates to pursue licensing cases on behalf of all of our users. To answer any additional questions you may have, here are the details.

Images are prioritized

We have shortlisted images which are likely to be infringed and are likely to have a positive outcome in court. This will save you time when deciding which cases to pursue and insure a higher success rate. If there is an image that you would like to pursue that is not immediately shown to you, we are certainly willing to pursue that case. Simply submit a licensing request!

Additional information will be needed

You will need to confirm the image is yours, and provide us some information that will help with the case, such as price of the image and registration information if you have registered the image. These two pieces will help the lawyers determine what to ask for when opening the case. Images do not need to be registered with the Copyright Office in order to be pursued, and we will still pursue cases if the image(s) has not been registered.

Payment, Fees, etc.

Higbee & Associates will be pursuing all cases on contingency. Which means that you will not pay legal feels until, and unless the case is successful.

The fees will be 50% of the reward upon successful litigation or settlement. This is only charged after a successful case, unless you mislead your legal council in any way that leads to a loss.

Why 50%? For two reasons:

  • First, we would like to be able to go after all cases, even the low value ones. In order to do this we need to have a higher rate to average it out.
  • The second reason is because Copypants and Higbee are taking on the cost of protecting all of your images, and only receiving payment for the one’s where you benefit.
  • Copypants and Higbee are committed to acting professionally and with respect towards alleged infringers. In the end, we see them as your potential customers and we rather you have future customers, than past opponents.

If there is something that has not yet been answered, do no hesitate to contact our awesome support team; support@copypants.com. We’re excited to see the results that this partnership brings!