As creators, and as humans, one of the most frustrating things we experience is when someone else takes credit for something that we’ve done. Whether it’s who did the dishes, who completed this work on time, or who created this photograph that sold for $24,000. To help you understand why it’s important to get credit for your work, specifically your creative endeavours, I’ve broken it down to the 3 R’s of attribution; Recognition, Referrals, and Revenue.

The first reason to receive proper attribution for your work is because when your work is traced back to you, the creator, you begin to build a level of recognition amongst clients, fans, critics, and the like. Having your name attributed to your work makes it easier for people to recognize your unique style. Unless your work is very distinct, observers may not be able spot a certain piece and attribute it to the actual creator.

The next reason to ensure proper credit for your work, is referrals. One of the strongest growth tools for any business is referrals. Establishing a significant amount of recognition will help professional creators harness this tool. Let’s say for example, someone who recently discovered your work is talking to their friend. Their friend is looking for a photographer to take photographs of a specific style, and you’re the perfect person to do so. But the work of yours that this new fan discovered was reposted on a site without your credit. They don’t know who took those photos, and can’t refer their friend. If you had proper attribution everywhere your work is posted online, you would have a brand new client. Building a network of customers requires a lot of footwork, however the effort required is significantly reduced when your current customers are doing the work for you.


Creating is likely your passion, and the fulfillment you get from it might seem like all you need, but if you are a creator by profession, let’s face it, you’ve got to make money from your work. Having proper attribution for all your work will mean that people recognize you for your work. The more recognition you have, the more likely it is that you’ll receive a referral from a current customer. More referrals means more work, and more work means for revenue for you! We don’t want to see starving artists anymore! Get credit for you work, and make a proper living doing what you are passionate about!


By: Nicholas Mackenzie