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Christy Turner (Photographer)

As a professional photographer who puts a considerable amount of my work online, it’s very important that my work gets licensed properly, and is used in pre-agreed capacities. Thanks to Copypants, I’ve been able to track down an incredible amount of my images, demand proper compensation and licensing terms, and get paid promptly by Copypants. I continue to recommend Copypants to the community of photographers I engage with.  Your service gives me peace of mind that my photos are being used legally, and that I’m getting paid for my work- making this subscription a no-brainer. Thanks, Copypants

Johan Le Bail (Photographer)

I had a similar case to the [infringing website] case you have helped me to settle, but this time I choose to go through [your competitor] to compare results. They succeeded in getting a payment from the infringer but for only half of the amount that Copypants won. Reviewing the issues of these 2 similar cases was a test. Now, I know that next time, I will prefer to run my cases through your service rather than your competitor.

Chris MacDonald (Photographer)

… the problem for me is the time spent searching for the images. To do it manually and go through my catalogue is exhausting and time consuming. To have it done for me is much nicer.



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